Sex Robots are now available in the UK at AI-AITECH UK


Bespoke and Customisations Options are Available

We now have a fully customisable sex robot available for sale, with shipping throughout the world

Sex Robot Faces Image showing seven choices of robot face

Sex Robot Faces

Our Sex Robots are available with a choice of face. We have seven choices of face on offer so as your Robot is unique to your own tastes.

Sex Robot Bodies Choice comparison image showing all six body choices

Sex Robot Bodies

We currently have six Sex Robot Bodies to choose from in the range. Each one is based upon a real woman's body and is beautifully sculpted to arouse your innermost desires. Each body is equipped with sensors so as your robot knows when you are touching her and a heating mechanism which heats to human body temperature to make those sensual cuddles all the more enjoyable.


Sex Robot Wigs

We have numerous wigs to choose from to make your new sex robot unique and in the style that you want.  All our wigs are high quality and hand made.

Skintone image for sex robots. You can choose the skin colour from our options.

Sex Robot Skin Tone

You can choose the Skintone for your sex robot.


Sex Robot Eye Colour

You can choose the most desirable eye colour for your sex robot. We have green, brown and blue available as options.


Sex Robot Feet

Your can choose from Standing or non-standing feet for your sex robot. The standing feet gives you the option to have additional bolts in the feet of the doll that allow you to stand her up more easily than without them included.